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Clarion West Write-A-Thon 2017: Week One Update

Top Secret Code Name of Current Project: Fedoras and Trust Issues Current Pitch: Hardboiled fairy tale noir! Slightly More Detailed Pitch: In an alternate post-WWII America, a cranky, bisexual PI and his ace, teenage Girl Friday try to solve the … Continue reading

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The 2017 Clarion West Write-A-Thon

So, it’s summer. For some people that means bikinis and beach balls and–wait, do people still use beach balls? I’m obviously the wrong person to ask about summer activities: I’m a pale hermit who sleeps during the day and lives … Continue reading

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And Now An Advertisement For My New Story

A little bored? Looking for something to read? Wishing there were more stories about Horror Purgatory and/or the girls who almost never survive slasher movies? Assuming the answer to all those questions is yes (and, I mean, why wouldn’t it be), then may … Continue reading

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The Books & Comic Books of 2016

I’m unlikely to finish anything else before 2016 ends (writing, currently, is taking up a lot my scheduled reading time), so here’s what I read this year. It’s, er, down from last year, and considering last year was less than … Continue reading

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A New Story At Lightspeed, Award Eligibility, And Recommended Short Fiction of 2016

It’s that time of the year again: the Awards Eligibility post–otherwise known as the Nominate Me Because You Like Me, You REALLY Like Me post–as well as My Favorite Short Fiction Recs of 2016. We’ll begin with my own award-eligible work … Continue reading

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Not A Bad Start To Tuesday

Folks, I’m not going to lie: the news has been horrifically depressing of late; between the water cannons being used against the #NoDAPL protestors in sub-freezing temperatures and the apparent rise of neo-Nazism in America, it’s sometimes hard to wanna … Continue reading

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Clarion West Write-A-Thon: Week 6 Update

I’m afraid I’m abandoning my usual setup for these updates this last week of the Write-a-Thon, partially because I have to go to bed sometime, and partially because I have considerably less to update this week. My goal was to … Continue reading

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