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The 2017 Book Superlatives, Part II

Hello again! Welcome back to the 2017 Book Superlatives, Part II of II. (If you missed Part I, you can find it here.) We’ve got a lot of material to cover–at least 90% of it consists of fabulous quotes–so let’s … Continue reading

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The 2017 Book Superlatives, Part I

Well, here’s the sad truth: I’ve pretty much given up on posting any 2017 movie superlatives. I really didn’t watch that many movies last year, and I reviewed even less. (Can you believe I never even managed to write about The Lego … Continue reading

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Story Publication: Secrets at Strange Horizons

In writing news today: I have a story out at Strange Horizons! A few things you may or may not find interesting: A. “Three May Keep a Secret” is a YA story with a questioning bisexual protagonist and her new … Continue reading

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A New Story At Lightspeed, Award Eligibility, And Recommended Short Fiction of 2016

It’s that time of the year again: the Awards Eligibility post–otherwise known as the Nominate Me Because You Like Me, You REALLY Like Me post–as well as My Favorite Short Fiction Recs of 2016. We’ll begin with my own award-eligible work … Continue reading

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Coming Soon-Ish: Adaptations, More Adaptations, and The Woe of High School

Beauty and the Beast My interest in this is mild. On one hand, Beauty and the Beast is kind of my favorite, I like Emma Watson quite a bit, and some of the cinematography looks lovely. On the other hand, I’m … Continue reading

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Season Finale Round Up: May 20th-May 27th

Another week of Season Finales, this time all from CW shows. And maybe I’m just being an incredibly cranky bastard lately, but I really only liked one of them. Again! Come on, finales, stop letting me down! As always, SPOILERS, SPOILERS … Continue reading

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“She Has A Hole In Her Head. It’s Not A Good Look On Anyone.”

Well, folks. I’ve finished watching Teen Wolf Season 5B, and it was . . . not my favorite. I will always love you, show. I will watch you to the bitter end. But, yeah, I definitely think you missed some … Continue reading

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