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World’s Worst Trekkie: Carlie Takes on “Errand of Mercy”

I don’t know if any fictional species has undergone as much alteration as the Klingons. From TOS to TNG to the Kelvin Verse to Discovery, the Klingons have drastically changed in terms of both appearance and culture several times over … Continue reading

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“A Half-Finished Book, After All, is a Half-Finished Love Affair.”

I never had much interest in watching Cloud Atlas. I didn’t read the book, and while the trailer looked somewhat intriguing, everything I heard about the story itself kind of made the movie sound like a convoluted nightmare. And if it had … Continue reading

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Coming Soon-Ish: Moses, Amnesiacs, and Dracula Origin Stories

Exodus: Gods and Kings Well, this looks pretty bad all around. Like, okay, there are a couple of good visuals in here, and sure, the cast is pretty solid. Of course, the cast also appears to be rather overwhelmingly white, which seems like a … Continue reading

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“A Policeman’s Job is Only Easy in a Police State.”

Well, I finally watched Touch of Evil. It’s easily my least favorite noir to date. Blasphemy!

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