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World’s Worst Trekkie: Carlie Takes on “The Galileo Seven”

Often, I dream about becoming a fixer. Not a political fixer or someone who takes care of inconvenient dead bodies, but a Story Fixer. Someone who walks into the Writer’s Room and says, “People, you are so close, really, you … Continue reading

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10 Movies I Wanna Gender-Flip NOW

Slowly–impossibly slowly–I’ve been working on a Stranger Things review. I will complete and post this review someday, almost certainly before my 80th birthday, I swear, but for now I’m putting it on hold so I can write this list instead. So, … Continue reading

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“Boy, Have We Got a Vacation For You.”

Next year, HBO will be airing a new television series, a genre-bending western about killer robots. Said series is called Westworld, and if “western” plus “killer robots” wasn’t enough to excite you (you clearly unexcitable heathen), it’s also got an interesting … Continue reading

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