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Note: If you’re wondering about the Radiohead Pairings, the explanation is here. Also, I decided to make them into a Spotify playlist! I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me sooner; now I can include all the album versions I wanted in the first place. 

You can listen to all my Radiohead Pairings HERE.


You Fed Us to the Roses: Short Stories
Robot Dinosaur Press – October 2022

Available in Ebook
Available in paperback
Available in hardback – TBA


“We’ll Never Die in the Woods” – Lightspeed – TBA
The unkind witch is not actually a witch, but she certainly is unkind. Kind girls don’t make it, not out in the woods. Kind girls don’t eat their friends to survive.

Radiohead Pairing: “You And Whose Army?”

Give Us the Swords” – Kaleidotrope – April 2023
“Very ominous endings,” he mutters, and steps on something . . . strange as he turns the corner. It’s softer than sidewalk, squishier. Something with bounce.

Radiohead Pairing: “Morning Mr. Magpie”

Stringy” – Apex Magazine – September/October 2022
It’s easier, thinking of pumpkins.

Radiohead Pairing: Fog (Again) – Live

Winner – Holiday Horrors Microfiction Contest

15 Eulogies Scribbled Inside a Hello Kitty Notebook” – You Fed Us to the Roses – October 2022
I didn’t know him well. Nobody did, really: he was the new kid. But he was funny, and he was cute, and I probably would’ve said yes when he asked me out, except that’s when the gullet-eaters attacked, and he didn’t know not to scream.

Radiohead Pairing: “Street Spirit (Fade Out)”

Selected for We’re Here: The Best Queer Speculative Fiction 2022, published by Neon Hemlock, edited by Naomi Kanakia and Charles Payseur

Narrated by Rose Hofeich and Batty for PseudoPod’s 2022 Anthology and Collection Showcase

Tiny Little Wounds” – Nightmare – October 2022
The goal isn’t to bleed. It’s okay if you bleed, but that’s never the objective. That’s not the point at all.

Radiohead Pairing: “Everything in Its Right Place”

An Atlas of Names and Footprints and Thoughts Unsaid” – IZ Digital – September 2022
Mid-country is dusty and hot, and all the towns are named something ominous and biblical.

Radiohead Pairing: “Videotape”

You Can Have the Ground, My Love” – Classic Monsters Unleashed – July 2022
What happens first: she survives.

Radiohead Pairing: “Last Flowers”

Only Circles in the Sea” – Mermaids Monthly – August 2021
The sea gets what the sea wants.

Radiohead Pairing: “Bloom”

I Am Not Your Tragedy” – Mermaids Monthly – August 2021
It used to be death, losing your tail.

Radiohead Pairing: “Bloom”

Forward, Victoria” – The Dark – April 2021
Time means less when you’re dead, and you’ve been dead a long while. Someone always brings you back, though.

Finalist for The 2021 Shirley Jackson Awards – Short Fiction

Radiohead Pairing: “Decks Dark”

An Ever After Diverged” – Daily Science Fiction – March 2021
Let me spoil the ending: you’re going to try and kill me tonight.

Radiohead Pairing: “Go Slowly”

Spider Season, Fire Season” – Nightmare Magazine – July 2020
“You’re dead, Olivia,” December says softly. “You’re dead and dreaming.”

Radiohead Pairing: “2+2=5 (The Lukewarm)”

Monsters Never Leave You” – Strange Horizons – June 2020
To be a witch is to be haunted: every spell a conversation, every day a new ghost story.

Radiohead Pairing: “Motion Picture Soundtrack”

Selected for We’re Here: The Best Queer Speculative Fiction 2020, published by Neon Hemlock, edited by C.L. Clark and Charles Payseur

Translated into Chinese in Science Fiction World – June 2021

You Were Once Wild Here” – The Dark – December 2019
Laura is a dead girl’s name. That’s your first thought when she introduces herself, all smiles, telling you about cheerleader tryouts like you aren’t dressed from head to toe in get-the-fuck-away-from-me.

Radiohead Pairing: “We Suck Young Blood”

Some Kind of Blood-Soaked Future” – Nightmare Magazine – October 2019
Here’s the thing about surviving a slumber party massacre: no one really wants you around anymore.

Selected for The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror, Volume One, edited by Paula Guran

Translated into Spanish in Las Escritoras de Urras: Capítulo 19

Radiohead Pairing: “The National Anthem”

This Lexicon of Bone and Feathers” – Sword & Sonnet – September 2018
It is apparently inappropriate to ask an Earthling child for their teeth, even if they have more than enough to spare and the ability to grow replacements.

Radiohead Pairing: “Burn the Witch”

Three May Keep A Secret” – Strange Horizons – November 2017
Scarlett accidentally wakes the dead in the bottom of a coat closet, with a half-naked boy pressed against her and a bottle of tequila she’s too drunk to drink.

Radiohead Pairing: “True Love Waits”

Astronauts Can’t Touch You” – Daily Science Fiction September 2017
Everyone outside this room is an astronaut, and you’re never surprised when astronauts die.

Radiohead Pairing: “Like Spinning Plates”

If We Survive the Night” – The Dark – March 2017
It’s autumn, and all the dead girls are kneeling in the yard.

Radiohead Pairing: “No Surprises”

Every Day is the Full Moon” – Lightspeed – December 2016
Your father is a werewolf, but mostly he’s just an asshole.

Translated into Chinese in Science Fiction World – December 2020

Radiohead Pairing: “Ful Stop”

The Elixir of the Not-So-Disgusting Death Smell” – Mothership Zeta – January 2016
My boyfriend Brandon had been dead two days. He smelled like he’d been embalmed in lavender.

Radiohead Pairing: “You”

The Long and Silent Ever After” – The Book Smugglers – December 2015
Nothing good came of being conscious this early in the morning, but eating jelly donuts in the stiff house was a special sort of low.

Radiohead Pairing: “Life in a Glass House”

The Price You Pay is Red” – The Book Smugglers – November 2015
Made her sound beautiful, and hell, she probably had been. But the dead don’t look nothing but dead.

Radiohead Pairing: “Life in a Glass House”

The Case of the Little Bloody Slipper” – The Book Smugglers – November 2015
It was half past eleven when I saw her. She was standing at the top of the staircase, with restless fingers and defiant eyes, wrapped in blue silk that clung to her hips. Her legs went on, and on, and on.

Radiohead Pairing: “Life in a Glass House”

Break the Face in the Jar by the Door” – The Unlikely Journal of Coulrophobia – April 2015
Ask yourself: what would your face say, if you let it?

Radiohead Pairing: “Sit Down, Stand Up (Snakes & Ladders)”

Caretaker– Shimmer – November 2014
The stars are all dead.

Radiohead Pairing: “Daydreaming”

Such Lovely Teeth, Such Big Teeth” – Strange Horizons – March 2014
The wolf moves like a man, talks like a man, picks up the paper in his boxers and drinks coffee like a man. But Reagan isn’t fooled.

Radiohead Pairing: “There, There (The Bony King of Nowhere)”

We Share the Dark” – Shock Totem – January 2014
When the ghost sat beside me, I was sitting on the porch, considering suicide the same idle way people think about where they’d go on vacation, if they could afford to.

Radiohead Pairing: “Exit Music (For a Film)”

This Villain You Must Create” – Lightspeed – July 2013
Granite killed Mr. Malevolence on a Tuesday. In his defense, Mr. Malevolence had been trying to destroy the entire world at the time.

Narrated by Adam Pracht in StarShipSofa, No. 325

Radiohead Pairing: “I Might Be Wrong”

Expiration Date” – Weird Tales – August 2011 (video)
The doctor said you expired at 11:55.


Trope Anatomy 101: Choose Your Own Family” – The Book Smugglers – December 2016
The idea is that family–like Christmas or really any holiday–can mean different things to different people at different times, and it’s okay if yours changes, if you have a new one you built yourself, or even if you have more than one.

Trope Anatomy 101: The Girls Who Deserve to Die” – The Book Smugglers – October 2016
I aim to see what sorts of tales might have been told, had our dead girls lived to tell them.

Trope Anatomy 101: Team No One” – The Book Smugglers – August – 2016
Ideally, we shouldn’t vote for a romance the way we vote for political elections. I want to care about two people coming together because I think they work together, not because one is sorta okay, or the lesser of two evils.

Trope Anatomy 101: Your Body Is Not Your Confession” – The Book Smugglers – July 2016
The entire joke centers on the presumption that nobody could want anyone so huge, which is also a message that will stick with you, especially after you hear it time and again.

Trope Anatomy 101: Waving Away Disability and Chronic Conditions in FictionThe Book Smugglers – May 2016
At the end of this adventure, after our child hero has kissed a girl and given an inspiring speech and talked to a skeleton and escaped the jaws of death, the boy stands on a beach, looks at his brother making out with a pretty girl, and dismissively tosses his meds behind him, saying, “Oh, who needs it?”

Bullshit, right? That’s unequivocal bullshit. 

Trope Anatomy 101: Beyond the Standard Heroic Range The Book Smugglers – April 2016
And that’s when I saw something that surprised me even more than an evil gorilla with mental superpowers: the police detective in question, Joe West, showed abject and unrestrained terror in the face of his worst fears.

Trope Anatomy 101: Reader, I Didn’t Marry Him – I Kicked His Jerk Ass to the CurbThe Book Smugglers – February 2016
I figured the best plan was to pick a romance that was also a murder mystery set in the future. 

And maybe that plan would have been successful, if I hadn’t hated the love interest with the power of a thousand suns.

Trope Anatomy 101: Learn to Love Your Mary Sue” – The Book Smugglers – January 2016
And the best thing about it was that I already knew what trope I wanted to hit first: Mary Sues, because there’s such a weird stigma against them, despite the fact that, like flag burning or the California condor, I rarely actually come across an instance of one in the wild.

Horror Movies – Moving Past The Final Girl” – The Book Smugglers – October 2015
The mystery, if there is one at all, always centers on the identity of the killer. It never centers on the identity of the survivors.


OB/GYN” – Gargoyle 58 – June 2012
She says, “We’ve already been dead once. Do you want to surrender to death again?”

The Kiss” – Gargoyle 58 – June 2012
Curious, how people expect a wandering necrophiliac to be a hero.

V” – PANK – August 2011
This is not a secret.

Why Princess Leia Was Never a Jedi, No Matter What the Fanfiction Says” – Gargoyle, Volume 57 – July 2011
Of course what self respecting woman would fight the Dark Side with a glowing phallus?

Brains” – Gargoyle, Volume 56 – July 2010
I want to talk about zombies now. Is that OK?

7 thoughts on “Works Published

  1. Hi Carlie, I read your story on lightspeed and liked it…was wondering if I could borrow you now and then as a contributor for it’s nothing huge, a mix of Trek and other sci-fi stuff, so you could write about either…anyway, take a look and see if it’s your kind of thing. If not, no worries.


    • Hi, Oli. Thanks! I’m glad you liked the story. As far as contributing goes . . . possibly. I checked out the site a bit, and it looks pretty cool. Since it’s not a paying gig, though — which trust me, I understand — I would probably be an occasional contributor at best. Most of my writing time is divided between my own blog and original work I’m trying to sell, so it doesn’t leave me much time for anything else. (After all, I have to watch Justice League reruns at some point, right? 🙂 )

      Let me think on it a bit. If I have something in mind, I’ll let you know, and you can tell me if it’s something you’d like to have on your site. Sound okay?

      • Sure, it’s up to you. I’ve just started paying for fiction, but I don’t have enough to pay contributors on a regular basis. Maybe one day.

        Just send me an e-mail if you have something you wanna put up…it’s a pretty casual arrangement, you could write something once every 3 months if you wanted, I don’t mind.


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